Sunday, November 19, 2006

I wanted to post a little bit about the whirl of events this past weekend and haven't gotten to it yet. The biggest event was my sister's wedding. I stayed sober through them all, although it wasn't always easy.
First there was the rehearsal dinner. It was actually easy not to drink at this one at least at first because service was so bad that no one could get a drink. However, after the dinner, everyone hung out at the bar. I was okay with that for the most part, until I found out some of my family members were betting on having me drinking at the reception. I'm actually glad I found out about that as it steeled my resolve at a point where I was feeling a bit glum--I was ready to leave the restaurant but had to wait for my ride. Lesson #1--take your own car.
Then there was the wedding. I was in the bridal party and we started the day with salon treatments (pedicure, manicure, makeup, hair--I deserve it!!) One of the bridesmaids brought champagne and oj, but I was able to avoid any temptation at that point since I like to drink coffee in the AM. At my mother's house, there was a luncheon and bar setup. I confess I was starting to feel antsy. I concentrated on drinking lots of water ( it was in the 90s) and helping the nervous bride. She looked amazing when she was ready!!
The ceremony was beautiful and went without a hitch although being a Catholic ceremony, it was a long one. I passed on the holy wine, lol. (Is there no place that is safe for the determinedly sober at a wedding???)
The reception was a bit of a struggle. There was wine on the table, champagne in front of me. I had the waiter take it away after I raised the glass to the happy couple.I mingled with guests but found that my chit chat skills were a bit lacking without the lubrication of wine, so I sat with my mother quite a bit. However, I did discover much to my happiness that I CAN dance sober. I was a little worried about that as I love to dance. Once I figured that out, the remainder of the reception was a breeze. I just stayed on the dance floor and danced with anyone who would have me. I suspect there were a few people there who thought I must be drinking.
The next day, we had another family party to attend. This one was also a bit boozey. I couldn't believe the amount of wine and beer there was for a luncheon event. Fortunately, my husband's cousin was there with her new baby and was happy to have me tend the baby and give her an hour or so to mingle. There was a lot of commentary about my not drinking at this event (it was my husband's family). One of the cousins pulled me aside several times to voice her own concerns about her drinking (health effects) and ask me how I find sober life. She told me her uncle had quit drinking and found everything to be boring and no one to be interesting anymore and she's afraid that would happen to her if she quit. I observed that it can be like that at times but it gets better the more you get used to it. I'm not sure she believed me as she proceeded to make a nice dent in the wine supply.


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