Tuesday, March 14, 2006

See its me there veiled of return,
and to help Julie has to be motivated in continue this blog J decided D to take part in it has L helps of chronicles. Cd. while returning, I falls on an escape ds our apartment; And I do not know if you have already preter attention with the outward journeys and come from the plumbers in your sacrosainte bathroom but those Ci have a propensity very etonnante to be delirious on their predecessseurs. I want for example the last visit that J was likely to receive this same day. After an attentive observation of the some pipes curving between the taps, this plumber S is finally expressed: "is Oh it but qu what C is that y did there you those quizont done front Ca, C is N imports what" And I also allow myself to quote you the famous one "And have you there to test resserer the ecrous?" Brutally a decharge adrenergic S carries out in you, of the beads of sweats start has to bead on your face and in the back. And you say yourselves "Makes shit, J made a connery; no matter what I answer, C etait L different trick qu it was necessary to then make "stupidly you answer him: "euuuh, yes, a little but not extremely and as Ca did not go, I called you" Seeing his glance you under hasten D to add: "But J, hein, I did not wait called you immediately" And there, the sentence falls a such chopper frozen on your nape of the neck already cooled by the sweat (which S is etendue has all your body A present)"bah was not necessary" in short whatever the way in which you proceeded, C etait the bad one but, God thank you, the culpability is sent especially on his "colleagues". And most extraordinary, cest that the next time; because there will be forthcoming once, criticism will be identical... And if all occurred all the time like Ca, I m explain: Imagine seul(e), victim since qq month or years of a sentimental and sexual embargo, and then suddenly quelqu one which still plait you and more incredible, you it meets like you. I know C is hypothetic, but C is my heading then J have the right D ecrire N imports what. Thus once last all the obstacles of the life veiled you with it or him in its bed; and this person to tell you "Oh it, but qu is what Z did those there (or those, C is according to your tastes.) which passed in your front heart, C is N imports what, one does not have idea to leave a similar building site etc, etc." Hold can be that the life C is always as with the plumber finally...


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